Modifying tribological performances of AISI 316 stainless steel surfaces by laser surface texturing and various solid lubricants

R Meng, J Deng, R Duan, Y Liu, G Zhang – Optics & Laser Technology, 2019

… SEM). Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) was applied to examine the
chemical composition of damaged surfaces. The 3D surface profile of the wear track
was measured by a laser microscope (Zeta-20, USA).
The …


Lifespan assessment of carbonized slag removal chains by dry-sliding wear tests

Q Liu, Z Liu, X Wang, G Liu, Q He, K Xie, J Sun – Engineering Failure Analysis, 2018

… The test forces of 80 N and 120 N were used for the test and the sliding test was performed
at a linear speed of 4mm/s. After sliding tests, the wear tracks and wear profiles were
observed using a 3D Profiler (Zeta-20, USA).


Optimización de una tinta de resina termoestable con nanotubos de carbono para impresión por tecnologías de inyección

M Campo, A Cortés, A Jiménez-Suárez, R Moriche… – Materiales Compuestos, 2018

… tratamiento. Se ha estudiado mediante perfilometría óptica 3D la reproducibilidad
del proceso de impresión. Se ha utilizado un perfilómetro modelo Zeta 20 para evaluar
la reproducibilidad en la anchura y altura de las huellas. Se …


3D Printed Microfluidic Features Using Dose Control in X, Y, and Z Dimensions

MJ Beauchamp, H Gong, AT Woolley, GP Nordin

… 2.7. Measurement of Print Featuures Exterior feature heights, depths, and widths were
measured using a Zeta 20 optical profilometer (Zeta Instruments, San Jose, CA, USA).
The width was measured as the full width at half height or depth …


Development and evaluation of poly (dimethylsiloxane) based composite coatings for icephobic applications

J Liu, J Wang, L Mazzola, H Memon, T Barman… – Surface and Coatings …, 2018

… total reflection mode. The surface topography and roughness were investigated by
an Optical Profiler (Zeta – 20) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, Bruker, FastScan)
using PeakForce Mapping mode.
The surface morphology …


Novel low-cost alkaline texturing process for diamond-wire-sawn industrial monocrystalline silicon wafers

PK Basu, KP Sreejith, TS Yadav, A Kottanthariyil… – Solar Energy Materials and …, 2018

… Elmer, Lambda 950) was used for the reflectance studies. For the quantitative
analysis of the pyramid formation, Zeta Instruments (ZETA-20) optical microscope
was used.
For calculation of the WAR, the diffuse reflectance of …


Constitutive models for the dynamic behaviour of direct metal laser sintered AlSi10Mg_200C under high strain rate shock loading

C Baxter, E Cyr, A Odeshi, M Mohammadi – Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2018

… In addition, the initial microstructure of the as-built DMLS_AlSi10Mg_200C samples was
made possible using the Zeta-20 optical microscope (OM). Conventional mechanical
metallography methods were used to polish all samples to a 1 µm finish …

Influence of ZnCl 2 concentration on the structural and optical properties of electrochemically deposited nanostructured ZnO

K Lovchinov, G Marinov, M Petrov, N Tyutyundzhiev… – Applied Surface Science, 2018

… geometry. The surface morphology of the deposited films is observed by a Scanning
Electron Microscope (SEM) Philips 525, while the surface topography and roughness
of the layers are studied by 3D Optical Profilometer – Zeta 20 …


Electrospinning of composite microbeads for tribological improvements

D Wong, J Resendiz, P Egberts, SS Park – Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2018

… To gain greater insight into the effect of the lubricant additives had on the wear of
the surface, white light profilometer (Zeta-20) images of the wear scars were acquired.
Fig. 9 shows representative profiles acquired from the wear …



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