Automatic AFM at IFIMAC- One system, multiple applications: Workshop and live demo

Tuesday 19th of March 2024

An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is a powerful tool used across various scientific disciplines for its ability to image and measure materials properties at the atomic scale. The recent development of a completely automatic AFM system can enhance significatively the research work of most scientific labs. In this event we will discuss some of its key applications in Materials Science and Technology including 2D materials, semiconductors, batteries, solar cells and polymers. We will also present a novel way of acquiring high resolution images of biological cells as well as the use of complementary techniques like ellipsometry and IR spectroscopy. Finally, we will perform a live demo of measuring topography, electrical and mechanical properties of a typical sample in an automatic way.

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Maskless Direct Writing and 3D Lithography: Capabilities and Applications


9:30 Welcome ReceptionCoffee & snacks

10:00 AFM at IFIMAC – Condensed Ma‚er Physics Center introduction . Prof. Julio Gómez Herrero, IFIMAC-UAM

10:20 Investigationg the properties of 2D material via scanning probe microscopy, a journey to correlative microscopy .Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

10:40 Probing soft material propeties at the nanoscale, a non-destructive study . Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

11:00 Novel technique for semiconductor Failure Analysis Dr. Matthew Lefevre , Park Systems

11:20 Probing photo-active material at the nanoscale via photo current imaging. Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

11:40 Study of electrochemistry properties of material via new automated process. Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

12:00 News ways to achieve high resolution imaging on cells Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

12:20 Lunch Snacks & drinks

13:20 Venture through optical properties of thin films at the micrometer scale. Dr. Nikos Ekizoglou, Irida Ibérica

13:40 Probing chemical nature of material at the nanoscale via Photo induced force microscopy. Romain Bourrellier , Park Systems

14:00 Live Demo in NEM Lab -Prof. Celia Polop (Nanoprobing Energy Materials) (Group 1)*

14:30 Live Demo in NEM Lab – Prof. Celia Polop (Nanoprobing Energy Materials) (Group 2)*

15:00 Event Closing

*Due to the limited space in the lab, the demo session will be limited into a total size of 16 persons, divided into two groups


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Facultad de Ciencias

Salón de Actos, Módulo O

C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 7

Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco

28049 Madrid

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Phone: +34 911 130 824

AFM-UAM Workshop

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