24th of January 2022
Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry – CSIC

New innovations are transforming the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) from a simple
high-resolution image acquisition tool into a nanoscale materials research and development
laboratory. Researchers can now better understand material behavior by analyzing samples in
real-world gas or liquid environments, at high temperature and with ultra-low noise
electrochemical and electrical biasing techniques. With the new in-situ tools from Protochips,
TEM research occurs in highly controlled environments at high resolution without sacrificing the
analytical capabilities of the TEM such as EDS. Applications for these tools include
heterogeneous catalyst reactions, imaging of living cells, nanostructure nucleation and growth,
battery and fuel cell materials, high temperature nanoparticle behavior, soft materials, and
semiconductor devices.
In this presentation we show the most recent results using the Protochips Atmosphere™ gas cell,
the Protochips Poseidon™ Select flowing liquid and electrochemistry cell, and the Protochips
Fusion™ heating and electrical biasing system. All these systems are based on AXON.
Special mention will be given to the Protochips Atmosphere™ system combines the Protochips
patented silicon carbide MEMS heating technology, closed-cell holder design, and gas handling
manifold, with our innovative Clarity workflow driven software allowing for atomic-scale
resolution at gas pressures up to 1 atm and sustained temperatures up to 1000°C. Especially for
applications in the field of catalysis the system allows gas mixing and independent control of gas
flow and pressure, as well as the integration at gas analysis equipment (RGA). Atmosphere is also
compatible with analysis tools including EDS and EELS. Recent results on gas-phase catalyst
reactions will be presented.
Furthermore AXON redefines the TEM workflow by linking the TEM, its detectors and in-situ
systems together with a revolutionary new machine vision software platform. It improves data
quality, enhances and extends your current microscope capabilities and makes in situ experiments
easier for the novice to most advanced users. The AXON platform is a module-based software
solution. Easily plug in new modules as they are released, and your system will stay up to date
with the latest features.
Date: Monday 24th of January
Time: 13.00
Duration: 45 min
Salón de Actos del ICP
Presenter: Mathias Mossig
Language: English


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