·       High temperature corrosion and wear behavior of HVOF-sprayed coating of Al2O3-NiAl on AISI 304 stainless steel

·       The Effects of Confinement on the Fracturing Performance of Printed Nanothermites

·       Microstructure and tribology properties of in-situ MC (M: Ti, Nb) coatings prepared via PTA technology

·       Tribological behaviour of monolayer and multilayer Ti-based thin solid films deposited on alloy steel

·       Robust Nanocomposite Coatings Inspired by Structures of Nacre

·       Effect of cenosphere filler surface treatment on the erosion behavior of epoxy matrix syntactic foams

·       Electronic energy levels and electrochemical properties of co-electrodeposited CdSe thin films

·       PURE Award Final Report

·       Optical Measurement of Contact Forces Using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

·       Tribological Behavior of Multi-scaled Patterned Surfaces Machined Through Inclined End Milling and Micro Shot Blasting

·       Preparation of mussel-inspired perfluorinated polydopamine film on brass substrates: Superhydrophobic and anti-corrosion application