SiNWs Biophysically Regulate the Fates of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites Reinforced by 3D Continuous Ceramic Nanofillers


Deformation Twinning of Ultrahigh Strength Aluminum Nanowire


Deformation of electrodeposited gradient Co/Sn multilayered coatings under micro-pillar compression


Deformation mechanisms in FCC Co dominated by high-density stacking faults


Disordered nanoparticle packings under local stress exhibit avalanche-like, environmentally-dependent plastic deformation


Direct observation of leakage currents in a metal-insulator-metal capacitor using in-situ transmission electron microscopy


In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Room-temperature Plastic Deformation and Recovery in Thin 3C-SiC


Influence of Chemical Bonding on the Variability of Diamond-Like Carbon Nanoscale Adhesion: An In-Situ TEM/Nanoindentation and Molecular Dynamics Study


Elastic Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanocubes from In Situ TEM Compression Tests and DFT+ U Simulations


Deformation localization in metallic glasses studied by in situ TEM deformation


In-situ SEM and TEM Nanomechanical Study of Wear and Failure Mechanisms


Twinning in Micro and Nanoscale Pillars–Size effect in Cu–Ni–Al shape memory alloy


Nano-level evaluation of kerogen-rich reservoir rock


Reduced Expansion and Improved Full-Cell Cycling of SnOx# C Embedded Structure for Lithium-ion Battery




In-situ TEM observation of {101¯ 2} twin-dominated deformation of Mg pillars: Twinning mechanism, size effects and rate dependency


In-Situ Nanomechanical Testing in Electron Microscopes


Slip transmission of high angle grain boundaries in body-centered cubic metals: Micropillar compression of pure Ta single and bi-crystals


In Situ TEM Clamped Beam Fracture in Fe-9Cr ODS


NSUF Special Session—II


Laser additive manufacturing of structural-graded bulk metallic glass


“Deep Ultra-Strength”-Induced Band Structure Evolution in Silicon Nanowires


Evaluation of thermal aging of δ-ferrite in austenitic stainless steel weld using nanopillar compression test




Micro mechanical testing of candidate structural alloys for Gen-IV nuclear reactors


Twinned Nanoporous Gold with Enhanced Tensile Strength


Effects of Interface Shear Strength during Failure of Semicoherent Metal–Metal Nanolaminates: An Example of Accumulative Roll-bonded Cu/Nb


Improvement of tensile properties in (austenite+ ferrite+ κ-carbide) triplex hot-rolled lightweight steels


Abnormal elastic modulus behavior in a crystalline-amorphous core-shell nanowire system


In-situ high temperature micromechanical testing of ultrafine grained yttria-stabilized zirconia processed by spark plasma sintering



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