Surface analysis for the widest range of instruments

MountainsMap® software solutions include:

  • Dedicated solutions for specific instruments
  • Universal solutions for multiple instrument families
  • Optional modules for advanced and specialized applications, including the co-localization of surface data from different instrument families to facilitate correlative metrology

Unprecedented surface analysis power:

  • MountainsMap® integrates the latest standards, methods and techniques.
  • Native 64 bit code and multi-core parallelization for fast graphics, fast calculation and processing large measurement data sets.

Continually evolving, expandable and upgradeable

  • Subject to continuous evolution by a multi-disciplinary team of professional surface metrologists and software engineers, you can always upgrade to the latest version of MountainsMap®.
  • Modules for advanced and specialized applications can be added at any time.
  • A dedicated solution can be upgraded to a multi-instrument MountainsMap® Universal or MountainsMap® Premium solution if new instrument types are added to an instrument park.

mm-SEMMountainsMap® SEM

MountainsMap® SEM software makes it possible to:

          • Enhance raw images (contrast, brightness, denoise)
          • Reconstruct 3D surfaces from stereo image pairs, anaglyphs and quads
          • Visualize and manipulate reconstructed 3D surfaces
          • Convert single SEM images into colored 3D intensity maps
          • Analyze surface form, geometry and contour dimensions
          • Calculate basic surface texture parameters
          • Create comprehensive surface analysis reports with ease in a comfortable desktop publising environment

Optional modules are available for advanced and specialist applications, including grains and particles analysis and denoising series of SEM images.