Fusion TEM Heating and Electrical System

Fusion heating and electrical systems transform a standard TEM or SEM into an in situ laboratory. Our new product combines heating, electrical and electrothermal analysis and uses advanced holder and E-chip technology that provide ultra-high stability and accuracy. With Fusion, you can see samples under real-world conditions at atomic resolution and produce more results in less time.


Atmosphere TEM Environmental Gas Cell

The Atmosphere TEM Environmental gas cell converts nearly any TEM into a fully featured ETEM (Environmental TEM). The system creates an in situ reaction chamber inside the microscope; This enables atomic resolution at temperatures up to 1000 °C and pressures up to one atmosphere or 760 Torr. Atmosphere is a fully automated system controlled by the powerful Clarity™ software suite which makes temperature and pressure control easy and safe. The software offers both static and flowing modes so it can control dynamic environments with changing temperatures and pressures in either flowing or static gas conditions. The system is easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to support applications ranging from heterogeneous catalysis reactions to in situ nanomaterial synthesis and growth. Atmosphere is also safe to use in your TEM. It is the only gas cell system tested and approved by FEI and JEOL for use on their entire line of transmission electron microscopes. With both closed-loop temperature control and computer-controlled gas handling, it delivers results you can trust.

Poseidon Liquid Microscopy Cell

The Poseidon Select Liquid Electron Microscopy system is the most flexible liquid cell on the market. The system is configurable and expandable with Heating and Electrochemistry packages designed for a variety of research interests. Poseidon Select is the only liquid microscopy holder that is truly EDS compatible. It is the safest in situ liquid system on the market and has been fully evaluated and approved by electron microscope manufacturers. Poseidon Select offers the widest variety of liquid microscopy E-chips, including ultra-thin <150nm liquid layers for high-resolution imaging.