mm-UniversalMountainsMap® Universal

The best incremental surface analysis software for multiple instrument types

MountainsMap® Universal software is compatible with the same broad range of instruments as the top of the line MountainsMap® Premium solution. While MountainsMap® Premium is an all-in solution, MountainsMap® Universal is an incremental solution. It contains a full set of basic analytical studies. You can add numerous optional modules that provide the greater surface analysis power required for advanced or specialized applications.

The latest standards & methods

Whatever MountainsMap® Universal configuration you choose – from a basic system to an advanced system with add-on modules – building analysis reports in accordance with the latest standards is easy. You create visual reports frame by frame, page by page, working in a highly intuitive desktop publishing environment. A hierarchical analysis workflow allows you to fine tune any analysis step at any time and assures full metrological traceability.

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