LIBS-Desktop(1)ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer

The ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer offers direct chemical analysis for virtually every element in virtually all solid materials. Based on advanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), the ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Analyzer is the ideal instrument for fast elemental analysis when chemistry may be unknown – making it perfect for pre-screening and easier than other more laborious methods! The ChemReveal analyzers are designed to measure organic elements (C, H, O, N), truly light elements (e.g. Li, B, Be, Na, Mg), and heavy metals simultaneously. With high-resolution imaging of samples and computer-controlled sample manipulation, the ChemReveal LIBS analyzer allows for detailed spatial and depth profiling of solid samples – great for use on probing films and coating

LIBS-HHChemLite LIBS Handheld General Purpose Analyzer

The new ChemLite™ LIBS Handheld General Purpose Analyzer brings the power of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to the field in rugged, ergonomic package for rapid elemental analysis of solid materials in such applications as  field research, quality control, and mobile lab markets. The ChemLite LIBS solution features an eye-safe IR-B, Class 1 laser that is powerful enough to burn through surface contamination, but designed to keep users safe.  With a patent-pending design that allows for high duty cycle operation of an eye-safe laser, and the simplicity of a point-and-shoot analysis, the ChemLogix Handheld LIBS is ideal for demanding field and at-line quality measurements.

High_VIS_HHChemLite LIBS Handheld Metal Analyzer

With it’s lightweight, light element sensitivity, and safe operation, the ChemLite™ LIBS Handheld Metal Analyzer delivers the results you need fast. Instead of hazardous x-rays, Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a powerful laser pulse to create a spark at the metals surface that is analyzed with an integrated optical emission spectrometer. Our proprietary algorithms report results in an instant on a large, easy to read touch screen display. The ChemLite handheld instrument not only identifies alloy grade, but measures a full chemistry profile of the target supporting applications from valuing scrap to quality control.