SU-8 GPON Diplexer Based On H-Line Lithography by Direct Laser Writer

A versatile low-resistance ohmic contact process with ohmic recess and low-temperature annealing for GaN HEMTs

Full-color digitized holography for large-scale holographic 3D imaging of physical and nonphysical objects

Snapshot 3D tracking of insulin granules in live cells

A Simple Aspect Ratio Dependent Method of Patterning Microwells for Selective Cell Attachment

Integrated photonic devices with silicon oxycarbide

Toward a Microfluidic Implementation of a Digital Potentiometer

NanoFab Tool: Heidelberg MLA150 Maskless Aligner

Electro-drawn polymer microneedle arrays with controlled shape and dimension

Design and Fabrication of Integrated Microchannel and Peristaltic Micropump System for Inertial Particle Separation

Portable Memristive Biosensing System as Effective Point-of-Care Device for Cancer Diagnostics

Performance evaluation of bottom gate ZnO based thin film transistors with different W/L ratios for UV sensing

Nickel stamp origination from generic SU-8 nanostructure arrays patterned with improved thermal development and reshaping

Fabrication of Detector Arrays for the SPT-3G Receiver

Modular Lego‐Electronics

Single-nanometer accurate 3D nanoimprint lithography with master templates fabricated by NanoFrazor lithography

Towards a point-of-care nanoplasmonic biosensor for rapid and multiplexed detection of pathogenic infections

A Holography-Based Modal Wavefront Sensor for the Precise Positioning of a Light Emitter Using a High-Resolution Computer-Generated Hologram

Fabrication of antenna-coupled KID array for Cosmic Microwave Background detection

Selectively arranged single-wire based nanosensor array systems for gas monitoring

Microfabrication by Laser Lithography Combined with Ion Etching

Fabrication and Sub-Assembly of Electrostatically Actuated Silicon Nitride Microshutter Arrays [STUB]



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