«Oxford Instruments Asylum Research has developed an interferometric displacement sensor (IDS) that provides a direct measure of AFM cantilever displacement.
The IDS interfaces the existing optical system of the Asylum Research Cypher AFM with an external laser Doppler vibrometer.
According to the company, it does not replace the standard laser and detector; rather, it provides a complementary detection method that measures the true tip displacement
Learn about the Interferometric Displacement Sensor option for Cypher AFMs

The Asylum Research Interferometric Displacement Sensor (IDS) option adds an independent, quantitative measurement of true cantilever displacement to the Cypher AFM, complementing the standard optical beam deflection (“beam bounce”) method.

Benefits include:

Electromechanics Applications

Greatly improves the measurement reproducibility of electromechanical response in piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials.

  • Electromechanical measurements are free of frequency-dependent artifacts

  • Correctly measures 180° phase shift across oppositely polarized domains

Spring Constant Calibration

Accurately measures the spring constant of any eigenmode up to 2.5 MHz.

  • Does not require any assumptions or measurements of cantilever mode shapes because the IDS sensitivity requires no calibration.

Cantilever Mode Shape Mapping

Allows direct measurement of cantilever modes shapes in any medium.

  • Unlike modeling, the mode mapping with the IDS does not require any assumptions about the cantilever shape and properties.»

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