NeaSNOM_microscopeneaSNOM Microscope

Where Optical Imaging & Spectroscopy meets AFM

Based on neaspec’s revolutionary technology, neaSNOM is the only microscope on the market capable of imaging & spectroscopy in the visible, infrared and even terahertz spectral region at only 10 nm spatial resolution.

This makes neaSNOM the ideal tool for cutting-edge nanoanalytic applications such as chemical nano-composition (nano-FTIR-mode), nano-plasmonic fields, nanoscale stress/strain fields and free charge carrier distributions. Many scientists around the world trust in technology from neaspec for their publications in Nature, Science and other high impact journals.

Optimized to combine optical imaging & spectroscopy with AFM

  • Based on high-stability scanning-sample Atomic Force Microscope optimized for optical nanoscopy
  • Optical focusing unit accepts visible, infrared and even terahertz illumination
  • Patented dual-port design allows two independent module bays for imaging & spectroscopy at the same time and for THz-TDS

Built-in patented optical background suppression for high-quality data

  • Highly efficient optical near-field detection technique with patented background suppression
  • Dedicated near-field detection modules optimized for high performance near-field imaging & spectroscopy
  • Transmission mode module for high performance near-field measurements with transparent samples (e.g. polymers)

Desigend by the leading experts of apertureless near-field microscopy

  • Many years of experience in apertureless near-field microscopy and near-field theory
  • Multiple key patents in the field of near-field optical microscopy & spectroscopy
  • In-depth expertise in application engineering in the visible, infrared and terahertz spectral range