Webinar – “Beyond Topography: New Advances in AFM Characterization of Polymers”
GetStarted – Automated Operation for Tapping Mode Imaging in Air
GetReal – Automated Probe Calibration

Introduction and Innovations in High Speed Quantitative Nanomechanical Imaging


Getting Started with AFM in Biology — It’s Easier Than You Think


Smaller and Quieter: Ultra-High Resolution AFM Imaging


Melting and recrystallization of a sPP-PS polymer film


Annealing of a PS-PB-PS block copolymer in toluene solvent vapor


Recrystallization of polypropylene in polystyrene / polypropylene blend


Annealing of Shape Memory Polymer



Contact Resonance Tools for AFM Nanomechanics



Calcite Screw Dislocation Under Continuous CaCO3 Growth-etch Solution



Point Defects on Calcite



Defect Dynamics in Bacteriorhodpsin



High Speed PFM of Lithium Niobate


Sublimation of anthracene in air



The Asylum Cypher High Resolution AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) – Key Features



HF Etched Mica – Fast Scanning



Loosely Bound DNA on Mica – Fast Scanning



Calcite Reconstruction – Fast Scanning



Celgard Sample (tapping mode) – Fast Scanning